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Welcome to the Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors (EFNDC) credentialing information page.

The EFNDC is an ecclesiastical organization of Christian Deliverance Counselors offering deliverance counseling credentials at various levels of expertise, based on an applicant’s education, training, and experience in the field of deliverance, which we define simply as the Biblical ministry of casting out of demons.

We believe Jesus Himself provided the prototypical model for deliverance ministry as chronicled in the four Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The model He provided is further affirmed by the ministry of the Apostles of the Lamb and the other apostles in the Early Church, such as the Apostle Paul, as well as Philip the Evangelist during his ministry in Samaria (Acts 8), all of whom also cast out demons.

We are a non-hierarchical, non-authoritarian fellowship; i.e., we do not assume or exercise any sort of authority over our members or their deliverance counseling ministry/practice. Members/credentialees maintain complete autonomy over their ministry/practice, and bear full responsibility in all aspects for same. We do, however, expect members/credentialees to conduct themselves and their ministry/counseling endeavors according to the highest standards of conduct in accordance with Scripture.

We do not require exclusivity for credentials, meaning you may hold simultaneous credentials with EFNDC as well as other ministerial/professional fellowships/associations/denominations.

In addition to membership and credentialing, our network provides fellowship with other deliverance counselors around the world, education, and training on deliverance counseling both as a stand-alone ministry as well as integration with other types of Christian counseling. We can even provide information related to starting a deliverance counseling practice/ministry.

Our affiliation with the Ephesians Four Theological Institute & Seminary provides opportunity for quality continuing theology-related education and training, and our parent organization, the Ephesians Four Network provides ministerial credentials for qualified individuals. [Link available soon!]

“Pastoral/Christian counseling” by licensed/ordained Pastors/Christians Workers ascribing unto themselves a title or descriptor of “Pastoral or Christian Counselor” under the auspices of a duly organized religious organization under state laws is a constitutionally protected right in all states of the United States. For this reason, we highly recommend that all Deliverance Counselors as well as all Christian counselors obtain/hold licensure or ordination as a Christian minister issued by an ecclesiastical organization that credentials Christain workers and ministers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. State laws in some states prohibit the issuance of a “license” as a form of credential to non-state-licensed mental health practitioners. In order to avoid potential conflicts with state laws of any state, EFNDC does not issue “licenses” of any kind but rather only issues “certification” to its members/credentialees.

Please take the time to peruse our web site, beginning with the levels of certification below. We invite you to join our growing group, and look forward to the opportunity to become mutually better acquainted. If you have any questions or need more information regarding any EFNDC-related matter, we would be happy to provide that information to you. Simply go to the Contact page to submit your questions [link above].


Please click here to download the EFNDC Certification Application.

Member & Registered Deliverance Counselor Credentials & Annual Fees

  • Christian Worker/Pastoral Member — $29.00
    Qualifications: Christian Worker: some verifiable special training through some educational or ministry entity giving quality instruction in deliverance ministry, minimum two (2) years life experience in the field of deliverance counseling, and a Christian Worker or Evangelist license; Pastoral: same, except ministerial ordination. EFNDC makes no warranties regarding members at this level.
  • Registered Deliverance Counselor — $39.00
    Some college credit in theology, ministry, counseling, or a related discipline, or equivalent, such as special training with continuing education and/or seminar credits; and minimum three (3) years life experience in the field of deliverance counseling, and ministerial licensure; Pastoral: same, except ministerial ordination. With this type of credential you will be registered in our data-base as an EFNDC Deliverance Counselor.

Certified Deliverance Counselor Credentials & Annual Fees*

  • Certified Deliverance Counselor — $49.00
    Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in counseling or equivalent, or qualified training through acceptable external educational programs or internal AACT-affiliated special counseling training programs. AACT determines the eligibility of non-degreed specialized training.
  • Certified Master Deliverance Counselor — $59.00
    Qualifications: Masters Degree in counseling, or equivalent; functioning primarily as a Pastoral or Christian Counselor within an ecclesiastically-related organization or practice.
  • Certified Doctoral Diplomate** Deliverance Counselor — $69.00
    Qualifications: Doctoral Degree in counseling, or equivalent; functioning primarily as a Pastoral or Christian Counselor within an ecclesiastically-related organization or practice.
  • * All Credentialees at these levels are registered in our data-base as EFNDC Certified Deliverance Counselors.

** EFNDC Diplomate Status

a person who has received a diploma, especially a doctor, engineer, etc., who has been certified as a specialist by a board within the appropriate profession. 1

EFNDC desires that persons holding EFNDC Diplomate status represent and promote the highest standards of professional excellence and conduct in the field of Deliverance Counseling. We expect EFNDC Diplomate’s deliverance counseling practice to maintain full compliance with all existing laws, rules, and regulations within the jurisdiction within which he/she practices. The basic requirements for AACT Diplomate Status are generally as follows:

  • Appropriate advanced academic degree(s) in candidate’s chosen profession;
  • Specific training meeting EFNDC standards and qualifications in deliverance counseling;
  • Certification at the highest level offered by a professional organization credentialing deliverance counselors;
  • Minimum of five years of acceptable post-graduate deliverance ministry experience;
  • Satisfactory professional references from ministerial colleagues and/or supervisors;
  • No record of disciplinary action by any licensing or certifying entity or misdemeanor/felony convictions;
  • A passing grade of a comprehensive deliverance-related examination (may be waved for qualified candidates at the sole discretion of EFNDC);
  • Agreement to always adhere to and uphold the highest ethical standards as described in the EFNDC’s Code of Ethics, as well as the code of ethics of the candidate’s profession;
  • Note: Any requirements for EFNDC Diplomate Status may be added, deleted, modified or waived without notice at the discretion of the EFNDC leadership.

Ministerial Credentials

State laws and Federal IRS requisites/guidelines for Faith-Based Counseling and Therapy make it highly recommendable that all Christian Counselors be licensed or ordained with a legitimate ministerial credentialing organization. If you are not already licensed or ordained, and are seeking Christian Counseling Credentials, we recommend and commend to you our parent organization, Ephesians Four Network, a fellowship of related Fivefold Ministers, colaboring and collaborating toward the fulfillment of the end-times purposes of God.


If you have questions about the details of any of our credentials or any other EFNDC-related matter, don’t hesitate to contact our office by using the Contact page (see tab in top/bottom navigation bars). After receiving your inquiry, we will respond by email as soon as possible, or by phone, if applicable.

Download the EFNDC Credentials Application

CLICK HERE to download the EFNDC Credentials Application.
Instructions for completing and submitting the Application are on the form.

Payment of Membership/Credentials Fees

We do not require payment of your initial membership/credentials fee until after your application is approved. Once we receive your application, we will generally notify you within two business days via email when it has been approved or provide you with the reason(s) for it not being approved and any recommendations we may have for remedy. If, however, you want to include payment of your initial credentials fee with your application to eliminate the delay incurred if you send payment after your application is approved, you may include a check or money order when you send it to us. If you want to pay via bank card (debit/credit), you may complete the portion of the application form where you can provide that information, and we will process your payment after your application is received and approved, or you may pay via PayPal® before or after your application is approved by clicking on the PayPal® button below.

EFNDC Credentials Payment Options


EFNDC Director

Dr. Steven Lambert, EFNDM Director
Dr. Steven Lambert

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